The Real Third World

From our roots in history travel, From Sarajevo to Red Africa has expanded into producing documentaries, YouTube series, a Substack newsletter, educational speaking, and podcasts. We aim to bring Third World history to everyone.
Exploring history and historic places isn’t always and immediately possible, particularly in tumultuous times. For those unable to visit the world, From Sarajevo to Red Africa will bring the world to you.

Focus on History: From Sarajevo to Red Africa, we research the history, culture, and stories of the Third World. Not only do we dig up unique facts that are not common knowledge, but we relentlessly dig down to make sure that our facts are correct. In our documentaries, on our tours, in our podcasts, and during our presentations, enthusiasts know they are visiting, seeing, hearing, and touching places of immense historic importance that have often been left out of the commonly acknowledged historic narrative.

Travel: From Sarajevo to Red Africa, we plan fully unique and individual Third World itineraries that fully immerse our enthusiasts in the thousands of years of history and culture of the Non-Aligned Nations that changed the world. We go beyond the popular spots in the guidebooks to take enthusiasts to the out-of-the-way spots where history happened, and all tours are limited to small groups of familiar travelers. We offer unique opportunities such as recreating historic events where they happened and adventure quests in historic cities along the way.

Education:History is constantly evolving, with new discoveries and new interpretations – and we want to share that with you. Not every group is ready for a long trip across oceans and highways, but might still be interested in seeing and learning about what made the Third World great. We offer multi-media seminars featuring historic stories in an entertaining and engaging manner to expand the enthusiast’s knowledge base and create excitement for future history travel. History, despite thousands of years of attempts to make it dusty and dull, is really just gossip with varying degrees of spice.

Our Enthusiasts: Sagan, and we believe this wholeheartedly. We help history enthusiasts see the hidden places where history happened, and the hidden in-depth facts of that history. Whether in person, through essays, in our documentaries, or when we connect the past and present in our History, She Wrote YouTube series – what is most important is the truth in a readily accessible format that doesn’t seek to confuse with buzz words and dry retellings. History is fascinating, and it is the basis of everything we know today. We are taking every opportunity to we can to present it to you.


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