The Places We Go

* Hike Kilimanjaro for a day or a week* Stay in the house of a Zanzibar merchant from the
1800s* Visit historic battlefields in South Africa* See the Big 5 up close* Dance all night at a
Mozambique beach party* Experience a real South African braai* Visit Shaka Zulu’s personal
game park* See and touch fossils in the cave where the first hominid skulls were discovered*
Follow the South African wine trail* Go emerald shopping in Zambia* Touch the Sahara desert
with your toes* See the home of Karen Blix, Out of Africa* Take a boat ride into Lake Naivasha,
with the largest hippo concentration in the world* Snorkel and see the exotic cichlids in Lake
Tanganyika* Stay in a historic church in the South African Midlands and visit quirky shops*
Photograph the fantastic blooming flowers of Namaqualand* get up close and personal with
elephants at an elephant sanctuary * go right to the edge of the Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls*
Explore a German town in the Namibian desert* Touch 3000-year-old San Cave Paintings* Chat
with talkative penguins* Feel the history as you stand on the last place captured slaves
touched Africa at Cape Coast Castle* Sun yourself and learn to surf on the Indian Ocean* Eat
peri peri shrimp* Indulge in spa treatments and sundowners at a pristine island resort on

* Stand on the spot of Franz Ferdinand’s assassination* Absorb the atmosphere of a church
decorated with World War I trench art* Drink the most exclusive wine in the world* Touch the
walls of a thousand-year-old monastery* Visit the villa where Constantine the Great was born*
Go inside a tower of skulls* photograph cave art from the stone age* Walk among the ten
towers of a famous fortress* swim in crystal waters into sparkling caves* re-enact scenes
where Game of Thrones was filmed* examine the scars of wars and hear the stories of those
affected* relax in healthful spa waters and get relaxing treatments* hike the area where a small
group of Partisans saved the Balkans during World War II* wander in the last primeval forest in
Europe, along with brown bears and the largest population of wolves left on the continent*
Experience a sufi monastery* visit the best preserved sites of the illusive Illyrian culture* Learn
about the first queen to defy the Roman Empire* Hear ancient stories and superstitions that
inspired hundreds of tales of terror* Understand the background that made Mother Teresa into
a formidable force for change* Stand under romantic waterfalls* see the wild horses of the
Balkans* meet the famous street cats of Sarajevo* drink rakija late into the night* marvel at
beautiful mountain views* ski the slopes of the 1984 winter olympics* relax with traditionally
prepared coffee

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