The First Real Dogfight

The First Real Dogfight

Sometimes it feels like there was never a world without Top Gun.

Pilot tough-guys depicted in movies

There was, of course.  Aircraft in combat and thrilling dogfights had to originate somewhere.  

That place was the sky over Serbia.  And the when was August 25, 1914 at the first battle of World War I – the Battle of Cer.  

As it happens, the real pilot tough guys looked like this:

Miodrag Tomić, Serbian pilot and actual depiction of a pilot-tough-guy

The first fighter pilots, with their real origins in World War I, were no slouches to danger.  Without armed aircraft and such modern conveniences as radar and altitude gauges, these OG flyboys had to improvise ways to accomplish their missions.  In the beginning, this meant carrying sidearms and popping shots off at opposing aircraft midflight, but by the end of the war airplanes were being manufactured with on-board weaponry in mind.  

A blog post cannot do the subject of the first dogfight in battle justice – more information on the Battle of Cer and Miodrag Tomić is here:  The Balkan Invention of Air to Air Combat

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