The Words and the Man

The Words and the Man

The letters began flying furiously back and forth on 27 March 1948.  

Instead of seeking a friendly agreement with the Soviet Government on the question of military advisors, the Yugoslav military leaders began to abuse the Soviet military advisors and discredit the Soviet Army.

It was clear the situation was bound to create an atmosphere of hostility around the Soviet military advisors.It would be ridiculous to think the Soviet government would consent to leave its advisors in Yugoslavia under such conditions. Since the Yugoslav government took no attempt to counteract these attempts to discredit the Soviet Army, it bears the responsibility for the situation created.” –letter from the Communist Party of the Soviet Union to the Communist Party of Yugoslavia

Two weeks later, Tito responded.

To oppose the leadership to the masses is incorrect.  It is incorrect because the present leaders of Yugoslavia and the masses are one; because they are inseparably tied by their struggle against the anti-popular regime before the war, their struggle during the great war of liberation, and today by their great working efforts for the development of the country and the realization of socialism. — letter from the Communist Party of Yugoslavia to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

The battle against the two communist countries was now joined, one which would end in the expulsion of Yugoslavia from the Comintern, but which would ultimately lead to a Yugoslavia independent of the status of Soviet satellite and courted by both sides of the Cold War. 

Tito meeting with Margaret Thatcher

It was a battle led most by the personality of Marshal Josip Broz Tito, and the nation of Yugoslavia would not long survive his death.  

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